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Today was....amazing, just amazing. I went skydiving today with my new friend mel. She is just so cool and fun. I just dropped her off at her house, can't wait to do something with her again. *sighs happily* i can't believe i got to go skydiving. I fyou haven't done it yet, DO IT!!!! and take lots of pictures so you will have memories!! I think i might go again sometime, even though the first is always the best, nothing compares to the first time.

Oh yes, and we took pictures also! But no one is going to see them...from me at least! Maybe Mel will be nice and show them to you, but you will have to ask! here is the exciting conversation of us going skydiving. It is fun, you should read it. *points at you* all of you:(its at the bottom of the page) I only wrote some because i didn't want to bore all of you toooooo much.

On another, sadder note, i miss JOY and CARA!!!!:( I wish they would get back soon, i forgot when they are coming back!!!!!! I miss them so very much. Well, they must be back soon, i hope.

And finally, my last little note for the day is this: if any needs an icon i can make it for you. I love to do them, i can re-size, font, blinky text, colored, boxes...whatever you want. So feel free to ask, i don't mind, just comment here if you need one, saying what you would like and i will get right on it! Don't be afraid to ask...even if i don't know you, it doesn't matter. Icons are fun!! WEEEEEEE!!!

Now this update is way too long, ill end you with this:

highstrungchad: good, so ready to go on the plane?
dreambabygirl2: Yup!
highstrungchad: we have to get the parachute though...and everything else ready first...i think there is a guide for that
dreambabygirl2: Hey we need to take pictures like some now...*laughs* before we are too scared or whatever
dreambabygirl2: Okay
highstrungchad: oh yes, pictures first then
dreambabygirl2: :-)
highstrungchad: who will take them?
highstrungchad: *laughs*
dreambabygirl2: Umm...*shrugs*we'll do it by ourselves...where we hold it in front of our face
highstrungchad: i guess we could just squeeze close and take it
dreambabygirl2: Stands by him*
highstrungchad: *puts arm on shouder*
highstrungchad: *smiles goofily*
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*snaps picture*
highstrungchad: that was a good one
highstrungchad: do you watn another one?
dreambabygirl2: *laughs* we're gonna have these developed soon...sure
highstrungchad: ok, im ready for the pic!
highstrungchad: *tries to look sexy for camera*
dreambabygirl2: *smiles sweet*takes picture*
highstrungchad: ok, lets go! i cant wait any longer
highstrungchad: *pulls you to the instructor*
dreambabygirl2: *laughs* okay...*is pulled*
highstrungchad: *listen*
highstrungchad: *starts to put on equipment*
dreambabygirl2: *does same*
highstrungchad: ok, all finished!
dreambabygirl2: Me too!
highstrungchad: *walks towards the plane*
highstrungchad: *gets in*
dreambabygirl2: *climbs in*
highstrungchad: this is so exciting! I can't believe i am actually doing this!
dreambabygirl2: You'll have*laughs*
highstrungchad: *plane starts to take off*
highstrungchad: *looks at you*
highstrungchad: *smiles*
dreambabygirl2: *takes picture* Thanks
highstrungchad: *laughs*
highstrungchad: *looks out window*
highstrungchad: before we go, i need to take a pic of you on the plane too
dreambabygirl2: Scared yet?
highstrungchad: a little bit
dreambabygirl2: *hands him camera*
highstrungchad: *takes it*
dreambabygirl2: *smiles*
highstrungchad: ok..1....2....3...
highstrungchad: *clicks*
highstrungchad: *hands back camera*
dreambabygirl2: *takes it*
dreambabygirl2: Thanks....
highstrungchad: sure
dreambabygirl2: This is gonna rock...*smiles*
highstrungchad: i know! *smiles back*
highstrungchad: ...i think it is time to go now
dreambabygirl2: Alright....*stretches a lil*
highstrungchad: *goes towards door* *looks out*
dreambabygirl2: *follows* I can do this!
highstrungchad: *takes hand*
highstrungchad: ok, on three im jumping
dreambabygirl2: Ready?
highstrungchad: 1....2.....
highstrungchad: ......3!
highstrungchad: *jumps out*
dreambabygirl2: *jumps*
highstrungchad: weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*
highstrungchad: *lands on ground*
highstrungchad: *falls a little*
highstrungchad: whoops, haha, not too much balance there
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*gets up* That was awesome...*
highstrungchad: i am sooooo glad we did that
highstrungchad: a memory that will last forever!
dreambabygirl2: Me too!
dreambabygirl2: It was awesome....*smiles*
dreambabygirl2: *sits on ground*
highstrungchad: *sits down too*
dreambabygirl2: Ah...I'm doing that again sometime..
highstrungchad: me too, but nothing will compare to the first time
highstrungchad: *smiles*
dreambabygirl2: Of course not!
highstrungchad: first is always the best
highstrungchad: yay!
highstrungchad: *gets up*
highstrungchad: so, are you ready to go yet? or do you wanna stay longer?
dreambabygirl2: We can go..*stands*
highstrungchad: *starts walking to car*
dreambabygirl2: *follows*
highstrungchad: where did i park??
highstrungchad: i always do this
dreambabygirl2: *laughs* Hmm...
highstrungchad: wait! i see it now
dreambabygirl2: Alrighty!
highstrungchad: *gets to car*
highstrungchad: *opens door for you*
dreambabygirl2: *smiles
dreambabygirl2: Thanks...
dreambabygirl2: *climbs in*
highstrungchad: oh, no problem
highstrungchad: *closes door*
highstrungchad: *gets inside*
highstrungchad: *drives*
highstrungchad: do you know what i am going to do when i get home?
highstrungchad: write about this in my journal so everyone gets jealous
highstrungchad: *laughs*
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*
dreambabygirl2: Serious? What would they be jealous about?
highstrungchad: that we got to go skydiving and they didnt!
highstrungchad: iw ould be jealous if i read that
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*
dreambabygirl2: Well they should was very fun
highstrungchad: extremely
dreambabygirl2: *takes a random picture of you*
highstrungchad: *laughs* you are going to have lots of weird pics of me
dreambabygirl2: So? One is going in a frame..
dreambabygirl2: *laughs*
highstrungchad: *cracks up* ill have to see that one
dreambabygirl2: I swear....*laughs* A friends one too
highstrungchad: awwww, how sweet!
highstrungchad: :-)
dreambabygirl2: *smiles* Yup!
highstrungchad: *pulls up at you house*
dreambabygirl2: Thanks for taking me...
highstrungchad: well, i had a great time much FUN!
highstrungchad: oh sure
highstrungchad: call me if you ever need a friend to save you from boredom
highstrungchad: and i will do the same
dreambabygirl2: *smiles* Alright....I get to go watch a movie..*gets out*
highstrungchad: *gets out too*
highstrungchad: *walks you to the door*
dreambabygirl2: You didn't have to do that....*smiles*
highstrungchad: *smiles* its my pleasure
highstrungchad: haha
dreambabygirl2: I'll see you later...*smiles*
highstrungchad: ok. bye!
highstrungchad: *walks to car*
highstrungchad: *drives off*
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